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"Wow of Now" Podcast
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This Podcast is taken from the "Best of Word Jazz" 60-minute radio show #24 heard on Chicago Public Radio every Sunday night at midnight.

                   THE WOW OF NOW
has always been a big and small puzzle to me.  We know that NOW is everywhere at once, no matter where we are...damn it if it isn't always just what it is...forever right NOW. But when you think of measuring the essence of what right NOW is, there's immediately a problem. How long does any particular NOW last?  A blink of your eyes, a snap of your fingers, a click of a switch.  Gross. Think of shortest amount of time you can think of. How about a nanosecond? One billionth of a second is all it is, but when you think about how long a sliver of time that short actually is... you have to measure it from its beginning to its end. It does have a history, brief as it is, it has to have. And if you could somehow stretch that nanosecond, so you see could see it, you'd see that it does have a beginning, a middle and an end. How far do you think the speed of light can go in a nanosecond?   We know...one foot is how far.  A guy I trust told me. At the speed of light (186,300 miles per second) light can travel one foot in one nanosecond. Anything a foot long does have a history. And we haven't even looked at pico seconds or attoseconds or zeptoseconds. Maybe "now" (the huge all at once NOW) is different, maybe it has no length, and that's why it's impossible to write its history ...beyond the craft of historians because it is timeless...outside of time. Maybe that's where whatever it is we call God hangs out.  So where are we now?...now within now within now is where we are,  looking back from this evanescent vantage, this moment of on and off concentration, trying to remember bits and piece of what happened over so long a distance, comes a nagging feeling that even with the best of luck we will only be able to resurrect little fragments of the why and the how and the where and the when and under what circumstances everything would become what it had to become, part of the immense necessity. The  awesome nature of fate. As if there is some unwritten law written somewhere that we can't read, that governs the way things are, the way they have to be. And possessed as it is by some irrevocable unwinding  (nor all your piety nor wit can change a line of it) that you can do nothing about...and that's just the way it is.  Is being is inside of is, forever  creating  immediate crowds of was, or maybe I should say ...was inside of was inside of  was...stretching off into the far away of all that used to be. And all as automatic as the tilt and wobble of this old old earth we spend our short long lives on, spinning around the nuclear warmth of the stormy sun, that some say will burn out uncountable nows from now, now after now like clock work measuring all of the light and dark moments of "is"...and of "is" always becoming "was", that huge very real imaginary past everywhere in back of us always fading off into forgettable eons of yesterdays. Maybe now is perpendicular to eternity.

2006©ken nordine

"To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything."
Albert Einstein

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