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Credits for Agenbite of Inwit
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Here are the credits

for the various excerpts of

Ken Nordine’s Word Jazz

used in the making of

Agenbite of Inwit:

putting the movie together

was a labor of love

with a lot of help

from a lot of artists

over quite a few years

who I’d like to thank

Eric Wenger and Ed Spiegel

for their amazing graphic programs…


(check them out on Google)

Also thanks to

the late Jerry Garcia

leader of the Grateful Dead

who played on an album we did

called Devout Catalyst

(that was a trip)

also from years ago in Chicago

amazing piano virtuoso

Manfredo Fest

with his bass player Thomas Kini

(both gone)

and his drummer

Alejo Poveda

(still very much around)

there’s another special group

of musical artists who played free form jazz

on my Word Jazz shows

heard every Sunday on public radio

Patrick Fererri…

guitar virtuoso

Howard Levy…

another amazing player


with Paul Wertico

his drummer

Eric Hochberg

on bass

Bonnie Herman

gifted singer

and oh yes…

Martin Baumgaertner…

of Angle Park in Chicago

for his sensitive technical help

and encouragement

(hope I haven’t left anyone out )

oh…there’s my three sons

Kevin my youngest who did

special in camera work on

Quatrains of Thought

and Ripples

and my middle son


who plays guitar

on many things I’ve done

and my oldest son Ken Jr

who helps so much whenever he can

with production and mixing

keeping things organized

his help kept all the excerpts together

...oh, and there’s

one very special someone

who I’ve had the good luck

of being with since 1945…

my patient wife

who has stuck by me

all these years

the love of my life


thank you sweetness

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